What is hub.kiwi?

Hub.kiwi is a link repository that you can use free of charge. A link repository in general is a small web page that mainly consists of your links/urls. It comes in handy when you can only post a single url on your social media page, but want to lead people to your website, other social media, your shop or maybe just your favorite music playlist.

If you like to step up your link game a little, you can register for free. This allows you to set a custom url for your hub. For example: https://hub.kiwi/my-hub
You may also set the theme of your repository, icons, see usage statistics and more!

You just wish to create a quick one-time-hub? Easy, just follow this link: Create anonymous hub

Limited time offer

Hub.kiwi is not finished and will be vastly improved in the short term. To allow you to use already most of the finished features, we decided to publish hub.kiwi with a special offer!
If you choose our premium subscription plan in 2022, you will save 33%! Instead of 30€ per year, your subscription will cost 20€ annually as long as it is active (including all subsequent years). Hub.kiwi's price will never be that low again.

Features & Pricing

Free Premium
Links per Hub
FontAwesome logos
Custom logo upload
your.hub.kiwi domain
/sub/repositories per hub
Timed links
Elaborate charts (soon)
Premium themes (soon)
Virtual business card (soon)
Price free 20€/y*

* 20€ per year with the annual premium plan.
This is a limited time offer. Subscriptions started after 2022 will cost 30€ annually.